Jun 3, 2013 Metal Works Benjamin Raspail & Sons The remains of a medium sized metal manufacturing plant, founded in 1827 and abandoned around 2000 when production moved to a new factory after bankruptcy and a merger with another company. Founded by Benjamin Raspail, the comapny initially produced metal parts that were used for making shoes. It was later taken over by his sons and started making a more diverse product portfolio, from industrial blades to agricultural machine parts. Today, parts of the factory have been rented out to other companies but large portions of the manufacturing halls remain abandoned.
Zwieback Factory This famous German Zwieback manufacturer was founded a century ago and has been producing its Zwieback in the same city almost the whole time. But when low wages and high government subsidies called, they moved production to Eastern Germany, leaving behind hundreds of people without jobs and a big abandoned factory spanning several buildings. A German Train Graveyard A heap of decommissioned German Diesel locomotives, some dating back as far as the USSR. Now they rot away and await their fate on the holding track. We paid a last visit on a rainy German summer day. A Belgian Train Graveyard In a small Belgian village, right behind the German border lies an eclectic collection of retired carriages and locomotives. Once used by the French and Belgian rail companies, they have been left to rust for almost a decade and are currently being moved to their final destinations, one at a time. I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon checking out what was still left. Klärwerk 1909 A sewage plant, built in the early 20th century and long abandoned in favor of larger, more modern plants. Over 100 years of moisture and pigeons have covered it with a very special patina comprised of several layers of rust and pigeon excrement. Hasard Cheratte The famous abandoned Coal Mine Hasard Cheratte in Belgium. Although it is not that far a trip, I had never been there. So here are a few pictures. A morning well spent. Paper Factory H. A Paper Factory in Western Germany that went bankrupt a couple of years ago. Most of the machinery and metal has been sold, the rest has already been or is in the process of being stolen. The place is so big that after walking around for 5 or so hours and not seeing the same thing twice, I had to actually search for the exit.

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