Berlin Day 1: Eagles and Lions

Thursday, November 5 2009, 9:25 PM

I am back.

I was gone? Yeah! A short trip to the east. After arriving in Berlin and dragging my bag to the right hotel, i met up with Freakingpolle and we got ready for some exploring. First on our list was the olympic village. So off we went and immediately got stuck in Berlin's traffic. Which is really annoying. When you get to drive a few meters every 5 minutes it takes a small eternity to leave that damn city. But we managed.
Upon arriving at the olympic village we discovered that it had been transformed into something like a museum. So we paid our admission and took a look what awaited us.
Sadly not much. There were a few buildings but that was it. Most didn't even have doors. Or windows. Or any interior. Just empty shells. I didn't even take my camera out of the bag for this. We were a bit disappointed but well, we could have done better research beforehand. Or at least any research at all... Whatever.

The great thing about being in rural eastern Germany is that there is a lot of abandoned stuff to see. In our case, we saw some abandoned barracks right across the street when we came here. So we went there next. A place to park was easy to be found, warning signs were standard ("guarded area", "ACHTUNG", "unsafe underground structures", "unexploded ordnance") and entry was a no-brainer.

Nature is taking over

Walking around we found the usual abandoned army stuff. Once they must have had tanks in here, but now nature was really taking over the place. We didn't see anything we had seen before on the usual forums but we where sure that a lot of people had been here already. After all it was impossible to miss this place and it looked very run down. We continued walking around, checking the occasional building and taking a few pictures.

Box and Cogwheel
Box and Cogwheel on an attic

The weather was unfortunately really bad. The sky was somewhere between solid gray and solid white, so it wasn't fun taking pictures under these conditions. The rain and the early vanishing daylight weren't helping either so we decided to speed up a little bit and only do one more thing. There was one building that was higher than all the others so we decided to see if we could get on the rooftop.

The famous Wings

On the way up the stairs i found myself looking at an airbrushed pair of wings waiting behind two doorframes. Yep, i had definitely seen these before. So at last we knew where we actually where. The place was called the "Adler und Löwen Kaserne" (Eagles and Lions Base) and probably had a history that i didn't care about too much. It was used by the Russians, but we already knew that because of all the Cyrillic looking writings everywhere.

Standing on the Rooftop

Arrived on the rooftop, we enjoyed the view a bit, took some pictures and watched the lights of the nearby highway looking more and more interesting as it got darker and darker. This was certainly not the most interesting place of all, but it was OK as a warmup and might offer even more opportunities for photos when the weather is better.

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Adler und Löwen Kaserne

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