Berlin Day 4: Anomalous Materials

Thursday, November 12 2009, 4:36 AM

Good morning, and welcome to the District Noir transit system. The time is way too early and current topside temperatures are freaking cold. This car is inbound from level 3 dormitories to sector C test labs and control facilities. Due to the high toxicity of material routinely handled in the District Noir compound, no smoking, eating, or drinking are permitted within the District Noir transit system. If you feel you have been exposed to radioactive or other hazardous materials in the course of your duties, contact your radiation safety officer immediately. Work safe, work smart. Your future depends on it.
Now arriving at sector C test labs and control facilities. Please stand back from the automated door, and wait for the security officer to verify your identity. Before exiting the car, be sure to check your area for personal belongings. Thank you, and have a very safe and productive day.

Overview (HDR)

The Chemical Lab has become a very well known location. Still, it looks very untouched and features almost no signs of vandalism. Maybe, just maybe, it's only well known to the right kind of people. Who knows?
On our trip, this one was the first location we visited with the entire group. Since the entire group consisted of eight people, we went very early in the morning so nobody would see us. And indeed, the streets were empty. We parked the cars, got our stuff together and walked to and then through the main gate. A car approached but well, we couldn't go anywhere else now anyways. It passed us. I looked back at it. It was a police car. But whatever, they didn't seem to care. We were in.


The one room we entered first contained an entire day's worth of interesting detail shots. With eight people, it was very crowded. When nobody was standing in your way, you were certainly standing in somebody else's picture. Also, as soon as you took a picture, somebody else would wait until you were done to take the very same picture. Still, that one room was the best of them all.

Project Plan
Project Plan

Fortunately, there is more than one room. In fact, there is an entire building waiting to be explored. However, the experience there was very similar. I was always in a rush trying to get far enough away from the others not to stand in their way and to not have them standing in my ways. I guess everybody else was trying the same which resulted in a somewhat stressed atmosphere. The bad air probably wasn't helping much, either. It was smelling very chemical and all the windows were still intact and closed.

Leave only Footprints
Leave only Footprints

After a short period of time, we had spread out all over the building. When i finally reached the roof, the first people were already on their way back down again. They told me that the roof was boring. Since i don't normally listen to the opinions of others, i still took a look. The roof access was through a climate control room which was standing on the roof like a little shack. After taking a few portraits and self portraits, i wanted to see if there was maybe something like a ladder to get on top of it. The others already went back down again. I walked around further and found... windows. Interesting.

Hidden Chamber
The Hidden Chamber

I couldn't look through them however, because there was paper on the inside. Still, one of them opened after a little bit of pushing. I climbed through. The floor was covered in dust. All my steps left footprints. Nobody had been in here for quite a while. I could hear the others walking down the stairs behind a door in the back of the room, but the door was locked. Their loss, i guess. A poster on the wall informed me that the 1966 Mercedes 300SC Coupé was the most beautiful form of Mercedes Technology. Other gems in that room were two ovens that looked like all they needed to function again was electricity, a few fridges, a phone and something that looked like a piano. I quickly snapped some pics and headed back out of this room. The others were probably already waiting for me.
And indeed, inside the building everything was completely silent. Except when my phone rang. The others were really already waiting for me.

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