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#1 by Defender on Jan 31 2011, 18:10
Seems that you had a little more water than on my visit. ( )

Unfortually I was alone on my visit and although I could get in the holes trough the wall, I had to leave the camera behind... tough decision ;) And damn 9 people, I couldn't even find one to accompany me on my underground visits.

One thing I miss on your set is the metal doors but you compensate enough with the nice white soda straws
#2 by LB on Feb 01 2011, 02:11
Huh? You mean couldn't take your camera into the white part? But if you fit through a hole, your camera should fit, too.

And yes, unfortunately I couldn't take every picture I would have liked to because I'm usually pretty slow with the camera and the people who didn't have waders wanted to leave. You have to make some compromises when going in larger groups (that you don't have to make when going alone...).

Ruhrpott Catacombs

Going underground in Germany's Ruhr Area. Wading through half flooded bunkers. Capturing the light and the darkness. Experiencing the fascinating shapes nature turns man made structures into when left alone for years and years.

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