Me and my Shadow

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Me and my Shadow


#1 by Off-Limits on Jan 14 2012, 18:57
What a facinating location! Are those WWII bunkers?
#2 by LB on Jan 17 2012, 05:18
I don't know much about the history of this place to be honest, they could be WWII bunkers but my guess would be they are younger than that.
#3 by Kenny on Nov 28 2012, 16:33
Yes, these bunker are from WWII. A brilliant place, been there very often.
#4 by LB on Nov 28 2012, 20:20
Ah cool. Thanks for the info, Kenny!

Ruhrpott Catacombs

Going underground in Germany's Ruhr Area. Wading through half flooded bunkers. Capturing the light and the darkness. Experiencing the fascinating shapes nature turns man made structures into when left alone for years and years.

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